Shift your Equity for Higher Cashflow

Typical Silicon Valley Rental

Value: $1,257,000
Rent: $3,480/mo.
Yearly Gross Return (Cap Rate): 3.6%
Yearly gross income: $41,760

New Rental Portfolio

Value: $1,257,000
Total Rent: $10,287/mo.
Yearly Gross Return (Cap Rate): 9.9%
Yearly gross income: $123,444

Based on your equity, local property values and rents, your monthly cash-flow and return on investment can be increased substantially with a few simple changes. 

We specialize in helping investors just like you, significantly increase their monthly cash-flow by executing a 1031 tax-deferred exchange on their investment properties.

By simply shifting your equity into higher performing investment properties you could be earning as much as 3 Times more per month in Net Positive Cash-flow after all expenses.

Look at our most recent Client’s Success:

Net cash flow per month is almost 300% higher than his original rental!

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